Felony offenses are crimes that are deemed more harmful to the public than misdemeanors and therefore carry stiffer penalties. These include home invasions, home robberies, possession of seriously dangerous Schedule 1 drugs, possession of large quantities of drugs, and other activities that the legislature wants to deter to keep communities safe by making the punishment for these crimes severe. Therefore, if you have been accused of a felony offense it is important to take your charge as seriously as possible and consult with an experienced felony attorney as soon as possible.


Sentences for felony charges go from no less than one year up to life. Felonies include a wide range of offenses from the possession of certain narcotics, sexual crimes, gun crimes, and crimes against people such as aggravated assaults, battery, and aggravated battery. The more serious felonies could carry fines, extensive jail time, and other requirements that, when violated, are considered more serious by the Georgia legislature.

As a result of this severity, is important to have an experienced felony attorney who is experienced with misdemeanors and felonies because often it is possible to negotiate a reduction of the felony charge to a misdemeanor charge. An experienced lawyer knows how to have the case dismissed because of defects in the indictment.

Non-Violent Felonies

Non-violent felonies are taken very seriously by District Attorney’s office in the state of Georgia. Violence is not required to send someone to a prison or jail time. Many non-violent felonies carry significant time behind bars. It is important to know the prosecutor and solicitor general. It is important that a person’s attorney knows the judge and guides the person through the process to help them make the best decision about their non-violent felony, whether it is a drug charge or a gun charge, fraud, or non-violent sexual crimes.

Non-violent felonies can carry stiff penalties and it is important that a person knows their options. It is important to build the best defense possible and as early as possible when someone faces serious non-violent felony charges in Georgia.


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