A guardianship through the Probate Court is used for minor children or adults who cannot care for themselves. Once appointed by a judge, the guardian takes responsibility for major decisions concerning health care, education, and personal care. A conservator supervises an individual’s financial affairs. This could include everything from paying their bills to making financial investments on their behalf using approved funds for this purpose.

At Pasley, Nuce, Mallory & Davis, LLC, we help people establish guardianships and conservatorships for loved ones who cannot care for themselves. This is more than just a legal process — it affects the life and lifestyle of the incapacitated person in numerous ways.

In addition to creating guardianships and conservatorships for clients, we can advise and assist the transfer of a guardianship or conservatorship from out-of-state, the termination of a guardianship or conservatorship and other matters.

The attorneys at our firm also serve as court-appointed guardians ad litem.


We will work with you to find solutions that fit your situation and respect you and your family members’ legal needs. We have been helping families with guardianships and conservatorships for decades.  We can take the lead in the complex process of guardianships and conservatorships.  Contact us at any of our 4 office locations to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.