If you’re renting out your property to a tenant, you’ll want to make sure you have a written Lease Agreement signed before the tenant moves into the property. By signing a Lease Agreement, both the landlord and tenant are essentially putting the terms of their agreement to rent the property in writing.

Although there’s no standard Lease Agreement, there are still some basic requirements that should be included in every lease. These include: the names of the landlord and tenant; the address of the property; the amount of rent; when the rent is due, who it should be paid to, and where it’s to be paid; the amount and purpose of the security deposit; the amount of any late fee; whether pets are allowed; who’s responsible for which utilities; and information about lead based paint on the property.

In Georgia, there’s also additional requirements that must be included in the lease. For example, In Georgia the Lease Agreement must also include, the location of the bank where the security deposit is being held and whether or not the property has been flooded or has a propensity for flooding.


Oftentimes, tenants do not discuss and negotiate their lease with their landlord (or many times do not even read it). It is a common misperception that the tenant must sign the lease the landlord presents to them. Leases drafted by the landlord are almost exclusively in one-sided in favor of the landlord thus opening the tenant to personal liability, costly repairs and maintenance, and costly litigation.


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