Many events in life are catalysts for a name change. At Pasley, Nuce, Mallory & Davis, LLC, we help clients throughout Georgia complete the name change process in an efficient manner.

Adult Name Change:

In Georgia, adults who want to change their names can file a petition for name change with the Superior Court in the county where they reside. After filing the petition, you are required to publish notice of your name change for four weeks in a newspaper determined by the court. If no one objects to your name change, your petition will likely be granted within 30 days.

Minor Name Change:

A parent of a minor child may petition the court for a name change for the child. In these cases, the written consent of both parents is usually required. However, if the other parent is deceased, has abandoned the child, or failed to provide financial support for the child for the previous five years, consent is not required.

While individuals are typically allowed to change their names to anything they like, there are some restrictions. Courts will not allow a name change for the purpose of escaping liability on a debt or in order to escape criminal liability.


At Pasley, Nuce,  Mallory & Davis, LLC, our attorneys help both minors and adults petition the courts for a new name, publish their name changes in applicable newspapers, and follow all applicable law and procedure to help secure you or your child’s new name.  Contact us at any of our 4 office locations for a FREE consultation, and find out how we can put our knowledge and experience to work for you.